8 Feb 2019

Today is my last day at Yoco, almost 3 years since I jumped on board.

During this period, the customer base scaled from 1000 to 35000+ merchants, from 25 to 100+ people and 1 to 3 products.

Before I joined I had been doing a few different things. A few research projects, quitting my masters and delivering courses about entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

I explicitly said I was looking to join an early stage company with a great team, a product customers loved that had inspiring growth ambitions and a mission I could connect to. I found that at Yoco.

I joined to setup a new team: Customer Success. Customer Success was setup to increase Customer Lifetime Value. We worked closely with the data, customer operations, support and product teams to diagnose customer pain points and improve customer experience.

I learnt a lot. I learnt about my strengths, how to grow and manage a team and a new area, run cross-functional projects, deep customer work, the execution discipline needed to win, my weaknesses and blind spots, the right focus at different stages of growth and how to build the systems in a growing company.

Some of the highlights:

Looking forward, I want to find another great team to learn from and organisation with an ambitious mission I can contribute to.

I’m looking for a role where I get to develop insights about customers, products, businesses and markets and use them to drive customer lifetime value and business growth.